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Tyler's Weekly Wrap-Up

Windsor City FC @ Blue Devils FC April 23rd, 2023

On the road again. These four words have been Windsor City FC’s motto for the last two weeks. This time around its to face the Oakville based Blue Devils FC. With both clubs out to prove something there was anticipation in the air before the match even started.

Team captain, Bastian Aguilera, reflected on the overall anticipation and enthusiasm of the entire team, “We are excited to show the progress of the team, their commitment, and we are happy for all the guys.”

Coach Valter Cosenza's sentiments mirrored this, “Our chemistry is fantastic.” When asked

about the matchup against Blue Devils FC, both individuals reflected on the trust in the team,

organization, and tactics. Coach Cosenza also added, “It’s going to be a physical game the size of the field will make it so.”

In the first half, Windsor City FC started off strong, creating pressure and chances. Culminating in a good chance and shot for player, Nester Lopez, that went just wide. The first

fifteen minutes of the game were all Windsor City, but then the momentum changed. Soon it

became a game of inches. A defensive turnover in front of Windsor City’s net led to the first goal scored by Devils player, James Lima. A dagger in the 45+2’ minute by Devils player Gianluca Spadafora sent Windsor City FC to the locker room looking to regroup. The first half was physical, and a game of long passes.

The second half continued these trends. It was a game played mostly on the sides of the

pitch. Another good chance by Windsor City FC players led to a shot just missing the net in at the 49:35 mark. An accidental hit to the face of Nester Lopez took the Windsor player out of the game. This mixed in with plenty of other scrappy physical plays led to many stoppages, and a yellow card distribution of two for Blue Devils FC, and one for Windsor City FC. Ultimately, goals by Marcus Riviere in the 72’ minute and Gianluca Del Priore in the 85’ minute sealed the 4-0 defeat for Windsor City FC.

Post game there was an acknowledgement that Windsor simply did not create enough offensive chances or sustain enough pressure in the offensive zone to rebound successfully.

These sentiments were echoed post-game with Coach Cosenza, “It was a tough game,

defensively we tried, offensively we simply did not create enough.” Although disappointed

post-game hope and excitement still remains with Windsor City FC, as one week from Sunday, (April 30th), the club plays their home opener at Acumen Stadium on the Saint Clair College campus.

The players are looking forward to their debut in the clubs new home, and the

developmental strides many of the young players have made this last offseason. With the club's next game starting at 4pm on April 30th, they will look to rebound from their tough start to the season with a renewed sense of excitement in front of a home crowd.

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