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Tyler's Weekly Wrap-Up WinCityFC vs Alliance United FC

May 7th, 2023 - Windsor City FC vs Alliance United FC Recap

Hope and happiness were the dominant emotions felt in the locker room of Windsor City FC this week. Hope as the team entered the week with a 2-1-0 record this week against the veteran-savvy and physical Alliance United FC. Happy as three of its players, Jonathan Agapito, Gianfranco Facchineri, and

Braden Stevanovic were all given team of the week honours. All three players were quick to cite the effort of their teammates, the strength of the program, and coach Valter Cosenza as key reasons why.

Selflessness and hard work are cornerstones of the organisation. Sentiments that players like Nathaniel Clemmings echoes, “We have to continue to raise our standard, and put in the work each and every week.” This work ethic is something that permeates throughout the players and the staff of the club.

Entering Sunday, Windsor City FC sat 7th in the standings with six points, and hoping to add

three more by days end. The atmosphere of the fans Sunday was one of happiness and excitement especially for young fans who turned out to see Windsor City take on their toughest challenge yet. The weather for the game was that of moderate sun and a slight wind. Some might consider this weather ideal for the pitch. When asked about what an ideal start looked like for his team, head coach, Valter Cosenza said composure was key, to settle into the game. He followed up by reflecting on his teams keys to success as their ability, “To dictate the game, ball control, assert pressure, fast transitions, and having a

good tactical mindset.”

All that said, the game echoed a story of two different halves. Windsor City FC came out strong as the first 10-15 minutes of the game they showed effective passing and pressure throughout the field and this transitioned to controlling ball possession. The ability for Windsor to dictate the pace of the game was highlighted early when Alliance United FC player, Samual Gardiner, received a yellow card. In the 34th minute Nestar Lopez had a good chance on a semi-breakaway. Both in the 36th minute and after an Alliance United free kick in the 44th minute Windsor goalkeeper Dante Carraro came up with big saves to keep the scoreboard at 0-0.

The first half was filled with defensive posturing, cautious ball management, and limited risk taking. Entering the second half Windsor City FC needed to generate more chances in Alliance United’s side of the field. This being said, momentum had started to shift away from the team. Windsor started out the half with a Gianfranco yellow card in the 49th minute. The misfortune continued as an Alliance United free kick turned into a goal by Samual Gardiner in the 50th. Windsor attempted to rebound with a good team effort and chance in the 57th minute, but couldn’t find the net.

The experience differential from an older Alliance United started to show as the half progressed, and the pressure from the club started to mount on Windsor City FC. In the 62nd minute an Alliance United corner kick turned into an own goal as it bounced in off the foot of Nathaniel Clemmings. Alliance United’s lead then expanded later to 3-0 in the 72nd minute off of a goal by Dusan Kovacevic. Windsor City’s squad tried to answer with a skillful

dribbling play by Jonathan Agapito, but Alliance United stopped any sort of momentum shift.

Play creativity/creation, physicality, experience, and control decided the 3-0 game, and Alliance United was just at the top of their game in all four of those categories.

Although unfortunate, Windsor City’s players and fans used this as a learning experience. This game as a learning experience was echoed by Windsor captain Bastian Aguilera who said, “We understand the mistakes we made, [...] to mistake is to advance as long as we learn from them.” When asked how the team can rebound from this game he said, “We bounce back due to the character of all the guys in the locker room.” Coach Cosenza also reflected on this strength of character, “It’s early but we have chemistry as an organisation, and the guys can really trust and rely on each other.” The character of the players and the community that surrounds them are central to the resilience that Windsor City has as a


Next week Windsor City FC heads on the road as they take on the 0-3-1 North Mississauga SC at Mattamy Sports Park, Field 1. This match will no doubt be an exciting one, so to keep in touch with all the action stay tuned to the League1 Ontario website and all Windsor City FC social media channels for live updates.

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